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The Antelope Just imagine, for a moment, an antelope, grazing contentedly on a peaceful African plane. It is relaxed, happily munching away, its heartbeat regular, its breathing easy…..when suddenly it smells a lion! I expect you can feel something of … Continue reading

Why Relax? Relaxation is a skill like any other. Just as with riding a bike or baking a cake, you will have a natural tendency to find it easy or difficult, but everyone can learn it, and everyone can become … Continue reading

Turning Negative into Positive Sometimes negative behaviour can be destructive, we can find positives from within negatives, no matter how small.  Let me give you an example …. Negative: I am stuck in a traffic jam! We have all experienced … Continue reading

Interrogate Yourself Imagine you are interviewing yourself, asking questions of yourself and getting honest answers.  Only honest answers will help you to reach what you want, remember you can’t lie to yourself like you can lie to others! Write your … Continue reading

The Be-Carefuls Its all or it’s nothing thinking……..If it is not perfect for you then you perceive yourself as a failure.. Over generalise: Seeing a single negative event as the proof to yourself that you are a failure!!! Mind Filling: … Continue reading

Managing Your Mood Sometimes when things get too much and we dwell on things, our mood changes.  One way to deal with this is to become aware of when this happens and try to control it, and not let it … Continue reading

So how do we cope with stress? Pt3 As with all things in life, each person deals with issues in accordance to their individual gifts, skills and abilities. There are three areas which lend themselves to being either an adaptive … Continue reading

So how do we cope with stress? Pt2 Secondary appraisal This assesses your resources for coping with your situation.  Again using past experiences.  Belief about self, environment, circumstances and personal resources are considered.  For example: have you coped in the … Continue reading

So how do we cope with stress? We all cope, it is the nature of life lets look at the coping process, which can be applied to any situation in life, not just at work.  There are 3 stages to … Continue reading

Fight, Flight or Freeze in Stress Management Pt3 Sometimes when a stressful event occurs all the physiological activity within the body may not cease, in this case the person can be left with muscular activity such as shaking, shivering and … Continue reading

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