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The Restorative Power of Love I am sure that most of you have noticed that there is an awful lot of fear in the world today. Many people feel broken and certainly in my line of work I see people … Continue reading

The Importance of the Therapeutic Reframe While giving thought as to what to write about today, I came across an article where a person with Autism uses his condition to win at pinball. I was impressed how this young man … Continue reading

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood For those who know me best, they would say that I do not often indulge myself with thinking of my childhood. I believe myself to be a forward thinking person and what happens … Continue reading

Why Do We Never Look At Christian Fundamentalism I know that this post will probably make a few people uncomfortable this Sunday, but I think as both a psychotherapist and human being it is time for us to look at … Continue reading

Hypnosis is Not an It I have been practising hypnosis since 1989 and one thing that never fails to frustrate me is the “it factor”. I will get clients calling asking if “it works?” Or in some cases clients who … Continue reading

Male Sexual Dysfunction I often tell my students that issues often come in bursts. What I mean is there will be weeks where I do not get any smokers enquiring then a week where I will get 5 or more … Continue reading

Smoking Packaging Will It Make Any Difference So the time has come for cigarettes to be sold in plain, drab green packaging. Also, terms like low tar and organic have been removed. Finally, packs of 10 are no more, this … Continue reading

In The Midst of Tragedy Hope Following on from my post yesterday, I have been giving some thought to why I became a therapist in the first place. I think, to put it simply, I wanted to make the world … Continue reading

Another Sad Day In Manchester Today I don’t really want to write about therapy or complain about some of my colleagues, rather I want to write about the tragedy of last night’s bomb attack at the MEN Arena. It now … Continue reading

Suicide is the Biggest Killer of Men Under 50 For many people this will be a shock. we hear so much about diseases like cancer and hear disease, but very little is discussed about suicide. Now the reason for this … Continue reading

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