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Hypnotherapy as Part of Cancer Treatment

Hypnotherapy as Part of Cancer Treatment

Regular readers of my posts will recall some weeks ago railing on the idea that hypnotherapy can somehow be used to treat cancer. Today I was reading a story which utilises hypnotherapy as part of post cancer care. This is exactly the way hypnotherapy can be utilised to assist with cancer treatment.

North Lancashire and South Cumbria cancer charity, CancerCare has made hypnotherapy available to users of their services. Hypnotherapy in this instance is being utilised to help people to cope with the disease. This, in addition to the associated difficulties, such as self medication with alcohol.

When in the right hands, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in aiding people deal with a variety of psychological and emotional issues. This includes issues relating to life changing issues like cancer. However, as I have said many times in the past, Hypnotherapy does not and must not be used to attempt to treat the issue. These issues require specialist medical care, which hypnotherapy can play a part in, but it is a support role rather than a starring one.

It can only be a good thing when organiseations use hypnotherapy as a part of integrative health care.

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