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So It Begins

So It Begins Well, so it begins. I have written on many occasions about the failings of relying on e-cigarettes as a successful means of smoking cessation. The City of San Francisco has now banned the sale of e-cigarettes and … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy The New Approach for Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy The New Approach for Smoking Cessation In keeping with my New Year’s habit of writing about some of the wrongs with hypnotherapy marketing, I find myself confronting another typical method of marketing hypnotherapy. I came across an article describing … Continue reading

Teaching the Basics

Teaching the Basics One of the most important aspects of being a professional hypnotherapist is that they have mastered the basics. In these terms the basics are smoking cessation, slimming and stress management. These I refer to as my Three … Continue reading

Smoking Statistics

Smoking statistics One of the most common things people associate with hypnotherapy is smoking cessation. At Brookhouse Hypnotherapy we have worked with many people successfully over the past 25+ years. It might be useful to see some of the statistics … Continue reading

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