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Our Personal Metaphors

Our Personal Metaphors Today, I thought I would talk about one of my favourite therapeutic subjects, metaphors. However, unlike the metaphors I generally teach my students, I would like to look at how dreams are our personal metaphors. Like with … Continue reading

ANT Metaphor

ANT Metaphor For those of you who have trained with me, you know of my fondness for the use of therapeutic metaphor. I want to offer you one such metaphor today which was the work of Pschologist Thomas A Richards, … Continue reading

The Rationale Behind Metaphor in Therapy

The Rationale Behind Metaphor in Therapy The rationale behind metaphor in therapy is at least one step removed from the client’s conscious focus of an intervention and, thus, is a potential avenue for bypassing resistance. According to Zeig( 1980), a … Continue reading

Introduction to Metaphor in Therapy

Introduction to Metaphor in Therapy The use of metaphor in therapy is not new. Deriving from Greek roots and meaning, literally, to “carry over”, metaphor involves describing or explaining something in terms of something else. Erickson is the generally recognised … Continue reading

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