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The Therapist as the Narcissist

The Therapist as the Narcissist Hello again world! If you have been a regular reader to my blog, you will have noticed that I have been absent from writing for 6 plus months. I have been convalescing after a battle … Continue reading

The End of the Road

The End of the Road It was April 1993 when I first undertook to train, albeit with another tutor a group of eager want to be hypnotherapists. I was young, enthusiastic, and if honest a little arrogant. Let us now … Continue reading

A History of Hypnosis

A History of Hypnosis Unlike the majority of comparable therapies, hypnotherapy measures its history not in years or decades but centuries. Therefore, if the provenance of a therapy is to be determined by its longevity, hypnotherapy has stood the test … Continue reading

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