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Lack of Sleep Costs the Economy Billions of Pounds I read an article today which claims that a lack of sleep costs the British Economu £40 Bilion pounds. This does not terribly surprise me. One of the most common “side … Continue reading

The Past Doesn’t Have To Be Negative It is enviable that many people come to therapists like me because of some trauma or negative experience from their past which they want to get over. This negative event often taints their … Continue reading

Gambling Issues and Hypnotherapy When I was teaching my foundation course this weekend the question about whether or not hypnotherapy can help with gambling issues came up, so I thought I would write a few lines about it here. The … Continue reading

Supervision Are Hypnotherapists Getting It Right One of the most important aspects of clinical practice in my view is good clinical supervision. It is so important that my colleague and friend Fiona Biddle and myself created the first nationally accredited … Continue reading

The Psychology of Walter Mitty Many people will know the name Walter Mitty or even the film, but what is the psychology behind Walter Mitty? The name refers to a character who is nothing special but in his mind sees … Continue reading

Abuse in Sport It is impossible to watch the news these past few days without hearing and reading about recent revelations about children being abused in the wake of the conviction of Barry Bennell. It appears that football is the latest … Continue reading

Holiday Anxiety Well the holiday season is approaching. For most people this is a time to look forward to and to celebrate. However, for may people this is a very difficult time to get through. This difficulty is not helped … Continue reading

An Anti-Suicide App There is a quiet epidemic sweeping the land, one that leaves devastation and pain in its wake. This epidemic is suicide, which is on the rise, especially in young men. As a therapist, I have worked with … Continue reading

Celebrity and Mental Health For those of you who follow such things Kanye West had what could only be described as a bit of a meltdown over the weekend at one of his concerts. Doing three songs and an rambling … Continue reading

Health Secretaries Unite Over Mental Health All the former Health Secretaries over the past 20 years have united to sign a letter urging the government to make good on the former Prime Minister’s promise to give parity to mental and … Continue reading

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