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Struggling with Golf Try Hypnosis For regular readers of this blog, you will have noticed that I try to write on serious psychological subjects. Today’s entry follows along, but for only a certain number of the population, today I want … Continue reading

Flying Phobia is About Freedom Some of the work that therapists do is definitely seasonal, we are now in the season for people who suffer with flight phobia and anxiety. This, of course, makes sense as this is the popular … Continue reading

Is Hypnosis Real Having been a hypnotherapist since 1989, it never ceases to amaze me the number of enquirers and new clients who as this very question. I will always reply, “Yes, of course, hypnosis is real, however, what you … Continue reading

Fear and Hate a Toxic Combination It is impossible for anyone of conscience to see what is happening in some parts of the UK and not be moved and disturbed. This is not a piece about what people should and … Continue reading

Can Hypnotherapy Treat Tinnitus For millions of people the discomfort of tinnitus is all to real and regular. The symptoms of tinnitus are a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears which leads to considerable discomfort. It has been said … Continue reading

University Students Not Handling Mental Health Well It has been a long time since my university days and like many I am sure, I believed that as society has evolved on issues like mental health so it would be true … Continue reading

Insecurity As this blog is used for therapeutic information I will not use it as a platform for my views on the referendum results. I will say that since 0800 I have been receiving enquirees from people with severe anxiety … Continue reading

Hiding Who You Are With the rise of reality TV and instant celebrity, it might sound an odd thing that people are hiding who they are. Now obviously, there are times where a person wants to be private and that … Continue reading

A Metaphor for Therapy One of the most enjoyable things I find doing therapy is looking for and using metaphor as part of the therapeutic process. Once such event happened to me this morning, which I will use in the … Continue reading

Half of the UK Population in Pain According to the British Medical Journal, 28 million people across the UK are suffering with some sort of pain condition from arthritis to chronic back issues. This pain lasts over 3 months in … Continue reading

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