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It’s Important to Have A Dream

It’s Important to Have A Dream In my last missive I discussed the idea of what dreams are and how they fit into a therapeutic dynamic. I wanted to change gears today and talk briefly about the importance of having … Continue reading

Are Dreams Important

Are Dreams Important This is a common question when it comes to both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Are dreams important? Well the answer is not quite so straight forward. Dreams are unconscious interpretations of events which are occurring in the conscious … Continue reading

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today One of the issues which seem to plague many of my clients it that of procrastination. All too often, either the fear of failure or success or just fear in … Continue reading

Men and Suicide

Men and Suicide Of all the suicides recorded in the UK over 75% of them are men. It is  is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 years. This is a mental health crisis which seems to get very little … Continue reading

The Importance of Your Ground

The Importance of Your Ground Here in the UK it cannot be denied that we are living in interesting times. The Chinese have a proverb that it is a curse to live in interesting times. I think for many following … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Happiness

Hypnotherapy and Happiness With International Happiness Day having been and gone, I would like to address the idea of using hypnotherapy to increase happiness. Now, there has been much made of the importance of happiness. Far be it from me … Continue reading

Is Psychotherapy a Science

Is Psychotherapy a Science This is a question which has raged in the profession for as long as I have been in it. The question is whether psychotherapy is a science or not. In my opinion psychotherapy is more art … Continue reading

Hypnosis for The Future You Want

Hypnosis for The Future You Want When people think of hypnosis, all too often they think of regression and trying to resolve issues of the past. Yes, hypnosis can be used as a method of helping people to work through … Continue reading

A Bit of Grief From Yesterday’s Post

A Bit of Grief From Yesterday’s Post I suppose I should have predicted it, but I didn’t. Yesterday’s post did get some very positive replies. Most of them reported their agreement on the importance of the supervisionary relationship and why … Continue reading

Take Supervision Seriously

Take Supervision Seriously I have been banging on about this for many, many years supervision is one of the most important relationships a therapist can have. In psychotherapy and counselling, this is already well understood. Indeed they have supervision properly … Continue reading

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