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What is Gestalt Dreamwork

What is Gestalt Dreamwork Gestalt Dream Work Of course, Fritz Perls had trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst, so initially he would work with dreams as Freud had done, i.e., by interpreting them. Freud had done a great deal of work … Continue reading

The Principle of Closure/The Urge to Complete

The Principle of Closure/ he Urge to Complete: The Gestalt Psychologists had proved through empirical research, that an individual organises everything he or she perceives into meaningful wholes. If anything is incomplete then an individual will probably see the whole … Continue reading

What are the Elements of Gestalt Practice

What are the Elements of Gestalt Practice Relationship In Gestalt Therapy the relationship between client and therapist is absolutely crucial. It is a healing and reparative relationship, in which the therapist seeks out the deficits of the client’s early life … Continue reading


TWO MAJOR ASPECTS OF GESTALT THEORY 1. The Cycle of Awareness The circle  represents  the  self/the person/the organism. Outside the circle is the environ-ment, i.e., everything which is not the person. The perimeter of the circle represents the boundary between … Continue reading

What is Gestalt Therapy?

What is Gestalt Therapy? Fritz Perls, with his collaborators, developed Gestalt Psychotherapy. He used the term “Gestalt” because many of the underlying principles are based on the German School of Gestalt Psychology. Gestalt is, of course, a German word, not … Continue reading

Fritz Perls Father of Gestalt Therapy

Fritz Perls Father of Gestalt Therapy Perls was a German Jew, born on 8th July 1893 in Berlin. His mother and sister adored him, but he had a very bad relationship with his father, who bullied and ridiculed him when … Continue reading

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