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Hypnotherapy and Communication Skills

Hypnotherapy and Communication Skills

Following on from yesterday’s post on public speaking, I thought I would focus today on another real world issue that people come to see me for. The people who tend to be successful in whatever field of endeavour (education, business, etc), are able to communicate with people at all levels.

Clients will come to me saying that they are unable to get their message across because they are too much in their own head. Thought is very important, however, without action thought can only lead to paralysis. Sometimes we try far too hard to do or say what we want. Communication consists of 7% words, yet these are the things that people tend to spend the majority of time thinking of. It is far better to speak from the heart and to be authentic rather than trying to manipulate the people around you by using language that they think will be appealing without congruence.

Hypnotherapy can help people to become more in the moment. This helps people to be able to speak and communicate authentically. Hypnotherapy can help people to be focused on the here and now, rather than worrying about what has been before or what might happen tomorrow. Great communicators are present and hypnotherapy helps a person be present.

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