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Is a Hypno-Psychotherapist The Same as a Hypnotherapist I could make this my shortest post and simply say NO. However, I think it better to give a more full explanation of this. Back in the mid 1990’s, there was a … Continue reading

Does Having Counselling Qualifications improve Hypnotherapy This is a common question I get asked as both a trainer and practitioner. Counselling, is a distinct profession in it’s own right and therefore can certainly be practised without hypnotherapy being a part … Continue reading

Qualifications and Hypnotherapy Yesterday’s posting got me thinking about the need to write a bit more on the importance of qualifications when it comes to hypnotherapy. Now, I know that there will be people in the field who will have … Continue reading

Reviews Are Not Qualifications For Hypnotherapy Today’s topic is a bit of a hot button issue for me. For the better part of twenty years, I have argued the case that the use of testimonials in clinical practice are, by … Continue reading

If You Ask For Hypnotherapy Get Hypnotherapy This might seem a strange title today, but it is something I have been meaning to write about for some time. I have seen many clients over the years and a story which … Continue reading

Dating Hypnotherapy I know the above two words do not really go together naturally, but I was reading an article about a hypnotherapist who is offering this service to clients. Basically, it appears that this individual offers a six week … Continue reading

Hypnotherapists and the Media I have been looking at the marketing of several practitioners around the UK, and I have been noticing a trend. This trend is not something which I believe is a good thing, indeed, it is something … Continue reading

Hypnosis and Politics Perhaps more than at any time in history, people from outside of the United States seem to be more and more aware of the minutiae of American politics. The latest in this American soap opera is the … Continue reading

Please Stop Using Ridiculous Hypnotherapy Titles As I look for things to write about for my daily musings, and I know I have looked at this subject before. This is something however that is really driving me nuts. More and … Continue reading

Is Hypnotherapy An Article of Faith One of the things which has always bothered me about hypnotherapy is that many people seem to think that they need to believe in it, as if it were a matter of faith. It … Continue reading

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