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Erik Erikson  Erik Erikson conceptualises the basic nature of human beings in three domains. Biological processes (and the unconscious) are important to human psychological development, as in the Freudian system (see Section 1.3), but are nonetheless more easily subjugated to … Continue reading

Understanding Anxiety Here are 10 things for people who suffer with anxiety to think about regarding their condition 1. Remember that although your feelings and symptoms are very frightening, they are not dangerous or harmful. 2. Understand that what you … Continue reading

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind There is a great deal of discussion about the above topic. Some question whether or not the conscious or unconscious minds even exist. The fact is that if one were to examine the human brain, … Continue reading

Humanistic Principles of Psychotherapy ·       People have free will and can make their own choices ·       People are capable of change and strive to fulfil potential ·       People are more than just their behaviour ·       Scientific laws do not describe … Continue reading

Pain Management and Hypnotherapy The concept of pain is something that we can all understand. From the very moment we are born, pain is something that we experience on a fairly regular basis. I think that it is safe to … Continue reading

A Guide to Anxiety Theory Anxiety is a normal and natural process. Actors often refer to the fact that being nervous before going on stage improves their performance, and certainly it is the case that a reasonable level of anxiety … Continue reading

Misconceptions About Hypnosis As a Hypno-Psychotherapist, I find that the general public has some very interesting ideas about hypnosis. Most of this “knowledge” is misunderstanding. It is important that you understand what misconceptions exist regarding hypnosis and have these allayed before seeking … Continue reading

The British Influence on the Practise of Hypnosis If we go back to the days of 1000-1400 AD a phenomenon known as the Royal Touch was practised by UK Royalty. This was the laying of hands on the throats of … Continue reading

Why supervision is essential for the practising therapist By its very nature therapy makes demands upon therapists, who may become over-involved, ignore some important point, become confused as to what is taking place with a particular client, or have underlying … Continue reading

Information on Supervision Supervision is essential for effective therapy. Most professional therapists are bound by a code of Ethics and Practice to monitor their therapy through ongoing supervision. What is supervision? Supervision is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss … Continue reading

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