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It Is Time To Stop Calling Yourself The “Top” Anything In Our Profession

It Is Time To Stop Calling Yourself The “Top” Anything In Our Profession

Today is going to be another rant I am afraid. I came across a press release from a colleague calling himself the UK’s Top Hypnotherapy Trainer. I cannot say just how annoyed I am when I see this. First of all, it is not for any one practitioner to declare themselves the top anything. Second, it is this is a totally subjective title. There is no overriding authority to determine who is the best or top anything or anyone. Frankly this type of marketing is hucksterism plain and simple.

Think of the greats in any field, did anyone every say the Sigmund Freud was the top psychoanalyst or psychiatrist or in the hypnotherapy world when is the last time people like Michael Yapko seen calling himself the Top Psychologist or Hypnotherapist. The reality is that if a person is at the top of his or her field, they do not have to say they are the top or best, because it is recognised by the profession and their colleagues. I so wish our profession and professional bodies would come down on this highly suspect way of self promotion. Only when they do, will we be on a similar level of professional credibility that is enjoyed by counselling, psychotherapy and psychology.

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