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Hypnosis Trainers Need To Be Honest

Hypnosis Trainers Need To Be Honest

A bit of a bug bear for me is that many of the “new generation” hypnotherapy trainers seem to be willing to promote any course whether or not it will be of any appreciable use to the people taking it. Recently, I have seen courses in Educational Performance in Schools and Paediatric Hypnosis which cause me concern. Firstly, because the people running these course have no real qualifications or experience to work in these very specialised areas. Second, let’s be honest, what school is going to have a hypnotist work in it without any educational or teaching background? Are there exceptions sure, but exceptions are not the rule. To pass these exceptions off as the rule gives false hope to many practitioners who are already struggling in trying to get clients through the door. As far as working with young children go, surely, a grasp of child development would be needed not simply hypnotising kids into changing behaviour.

Finally, it will not take much for something to happen with these inadequately trained practitioners for questions to start being asked. The profession, through it’s organisations, must stand up to these trainers who are only wanting to turn a profit and to start holding them to reasonable ethical standards and accountability to be able to back up their claims with genuine evidence that what they are providing is good value and that those who take these courses have a reasonable chance to work with the client groups that they are supposed to be being trained to work with.


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