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Skunk and Mental Health

Skunk and Mental Health

Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the UK. Yes, I know that cannabis is not for many a drug as it is a grown and is more herbal than chemical. Or at least that is the way it used to be, 94% of cannabis that has been confiscated has been the high potency cannabis known in many circles as “skunk”. Skunk contains a greater amount of the psychoactive ingredient THC, this is compared to other types of cannabis like “hash”. Clearly, skunk is being chemically manipulated, but this has significant implications for mental health.

I see clients every day who have struggled with the after effects of psychotic episodes linked directly to skunk. The public have enough challenges with regards to mental health issues, without having what could be perceived as “self inflicted” mental health issues.

Many of my clients who are suffering from the after effects of psychotic issues related to skunk, were using it under a false sense of security. These people often believe that cannabis is not dangerous because it is natural. However, when we consider that skunk is being chemically altered the claim of cannabis being natural must be challenged. It is essential that the dangers of skunk gets out to the public or we will find more and more people suffering with mental health issues regarding its use.

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