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Weinstein and Hypnosis

Weinstein and Hypnosis

I was looking around to see what to focus on for today’s offering, and I came across an article which claims that Mr Weinstein is or has undergone hypnotherapy as part of his treatment for his myriad of problems. Whilst, of course, I applaud hypnosis being used therapeutically wherever possible. What I am less happy about is that there is a local hypnotist being quoted in the piece who is local to the area where he is undergoing treatment. It should be noted that Weinstein denies undergoing hypnotherapy at all.

My concern is that it is inappropriate for a hypnotherapist or hypnotist to comment on the reported treatment of an individual that he/she has nothing to do with. If, however, this person is involved with the treatment of a person and then is quoted in the news about said person, that is a breach of ethics and in some States in America a crime.

I have said to students many times, I turn down media interest far more often than I accept it, because there is little control to be exerted once a person agrees to be a part of an article. I am concerned that some of our colleagues are jumping on any media opportunity to get themselves publicity with little regard for their clients or the integrity of the profession.

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