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Hypnosis and Trauma

Hypnosis and Trauma

One of the reasons I bang on so about the professionalism of hypnosis is that it is a very effective intervention for a number of complex psychological issues. One of which is trauma. Trauma is a condition which is getting quite a bit of attention both in the professional world as well as in the public arena. People are becoming more able to recognise the symptoms of trauma and are far more willing to get assistance that perhaps in the not too distant past.

Indeed, I will be presenting at a BACP Conference on trauma in Manchester in March. I will be talking about amalgamating hypno-psychotherapy into a trauma counselling protocol. I feel that there is a real potential of bringing hypnosis into a far more integrative position within talking therapies. In other words, hypnosis as an adjunct to the more traditional counselling and psychotherapy protocols. This is about educating not only the public as to the use of hypnosis with trauma, but just as important educating the counselling and psychotherapy professions as to how hypnosis can assist some of their clients get to some point of resolution. Trauma is a large subject and an issue which effects many, we need novel approaches in order to get the best care for sufferers. Hypnosis can and should be part of these approaches.

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