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The Policitcalisation of Death

The Policitcalisation of Death

I have been fairly quiet regarding the lastest school mass murder in the United States. As someone originally from the States I simply cannot understand the necessity to maintain the status quo. Indeed, the NRA has come out in what can only be described as a highly disrespectful way to criticise those who want change.

There is a real danger that maintaining the status quo as well as the aggressive tone of the more extreme ends of this debate can have a really detrimental effect on people’s mental health. When people feel powerless, they despair and with despair comes deprssion, this leads to mental health issues.

It is perfectly reasonable to have a difference of opinion, that is natural. What is not healthy is an us and them mentality. This is a place we have been particularly experiencing here in the UK. People at both ends of the spectrum disrespecting each other for a difference of opinion. This like the recent shooting in Florida then becomes politicised and the status quo gets maintained. The either you are with me or against me argument is fine and necessary in war, but not when we are at peace. It is time for people to come together not only for the sake of the nation, but for the sake of their mental health.

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