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Anti-Depressants Work Talking Therapy Needed Too

Anti-Depressants Work Talking Therapy Needed Too

In a comprehensive study of some 522 trials involving 116,477 people showed that 21 common anti-depressants to be effective. Many of my clients take anti-depressants as part of their treatment with me. Many of these people feel that they are somehow discriminated against because anti-depressants are somehow a bad thing. This study also showed that talking therapy should form a significant part of treatment for depression issues.

For some people talking therapies will not be enough on their own. However, the general premise of how depression and anxiety are meant to be treated by using both medication and therapy hand in hand. It is really not acceptable that people who are trying to get well should be stigmatised for doing just that, trying to get well. If a person has diabetes or a heart condition, there is no question of them taking medication to help their condition. Anxiety and depression are NO different. There is not one solution only for treating depression and anxiety, we should be looking at every option available. This includes medication and talking therapy as well as lifestyle changes.

Anti-depressants are effective so is talking therapy, this is good news for people suffering with mental health issues.

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