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The Power of Enthusiasm

The Power of Enthusiasm

I am minded today about enthusiasm and exuberance. For many parents these are qualities seen in children. Children seem to have an unerring way of expressing enthusiasm and exuberance that I believe we lose in adulthood. In many ways it is almost like as well get older we are taught to be more circumspect less emotional and advised to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves.

I was talking to a very close friend of mine today and she was telling me about her plans over the Christmas break and they way she described it was with such excitement and unashamed enthusiasm I found myself being drawn into her excitement and I felt at the end of the conversation as excited as she was.

This got me thinking, why do we not show this level of enthusiasm in our day to day lives? I don’t know, it seems to me that as a therapist I should help my clients to become more enthusiastic about themselves and their lives. I believe that this will be more effective than traditional forms of positive psychology. So dear reader, go out today and be unashamedly enthusiastic and see how it goes.

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