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That Lazy Sunday Feeling

That Lazy Sunday Feeling

As I lay in bed this morning, a peculiar feeling came over me, I simply did not want to get out of bed. Now for many of you, you might well think, “So what? I feel like that every morning”. For me it is odd because I never feel like this. Every day I wake at the appointed time and am ready to start the day. Be that a clinical or a teaching day I am rearing to go.

This morning however was different, I just felt too lazy to get up out of bed. I felt tranquil and at peace almost trance like. The time began to slip and I realised I would have to rise. Though I was disappointed to have to get up, the day will be another good one of teaching and exploration.

I was grateful for the “lazy state” though. It is very important that when you feel like this, you allow yourself to be present in the moment. Even if you cannot say in bed all day, you can at least enjoy the feeling of being there those few extra minutes and to bask in the glow a a day which has limitless potential. Happy Sunday everyone.

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