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Self Hypnosis Every Day

Self Hypnosis Every Day

I am often asked by clients as to how to keep themselves in a good frame of mind between sessions. My answer is always the same, practise self hypnosis every day and it will pay dividends  you have not even considered.

It used to be the form to teach clients how to actually do the self hypnosis process. The difficulty with this is that clients will often lose the motivation to carry on with it. Self hypnosis ultimately must be something that one can easily integrate into their lives.

However, this is where technology can come in. These days rather than teaching the client self hypnosis I will give them my app. On it there are several hypnotherapy recordings to listen to. Most people feel that having someone doing it via this route is an easier way to get into the whole self hypnosis mantra.

As with all skills the more a person practises the better they will do with it. Indeed, if one practises self hypnosis regularly with or without a recording there will come a time when they do not need it at all. I have often found myself dropping off at the start of a transatlantic flight only to revive as the wheels hit the tarmac on landing. Give it a go I am sure you will enjoy it.

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