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National Selfie Day? Or Narcism Awareness Day

National Selfie Day? Or Narcism Awareness Day

Well I have just read about national selfie day, and it gave me pause. Selfies are a modern phenomena thanks to the advent of very good smart phone cameras. Whilst of course, these are generally a harmless way to show friends what is happening in our lives. However, for some the need to take these shots on an every day almost every hour basis could be an early warning to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Obviously, selfies alone do not lead to narcism, however, there are some distinct warning signs as to how many are too many. I was recently reading about a person who was taking selfies every 15 minutes over a space of three years. If true these are incredible numbers, but also the notion that people think that being that full on about their lives is of interest to others is somewhat worrying.

Yes world travels, weddings other major life events should be preserved. However, is it really necessary to show yourself with an Americano at your local Starbucks? Like most things in life it would be a better thing for all people to be moderate in their selfie activities rather than going as over the top as some appear to do.

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