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The Dance

The Dance

I often tell my students that clients will often present themselves in “bulk”. What I mean by this is that there I have often experienced all bookings for a week being anxiety or behavioural modification. It is kind of like the bus analogy you know you wait for a bus then 4 come at once. Anyway, I have noticed that many of my clients have recently embarked on new relationships. This, by the way, is not why they presented for therapy it simply comes up in the dialogue between therapist and client.

I saw a chap the other day who was bereft as he was in conflict with his new girlfriend and he was sure that he was going to lose her. Rather than discussing what he came for we spent the session working on this. I described it as “The Dance”.

Simply put, The Dance, is that excruciating and amazing experience of getting to know another person. Some days the dance is a waltz everything in time and smooth. Other days is it a tango, the dance of conflict and seduction. Whatever the tune, the dance is necessary for a fulfilling relationship. Without it, conflict occurs later down the road which neither party is prepared for. So for those of you in a new love enjoy the dance.

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