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Important Meeting Day

Important Meeting Day

I have spent a great deal of my professional life trying to enhance the professional status of hypnosis for therapeutic use. The frustration I have is when others in the psychological community see hypnosis as being less than the other modalities in the therapeutic rainbow. I can understand how that might be perceived as some of our colleagues do not make hypnosis look very much like a serious way to do therapy. I believe I covered this topic yesterday with regards to one practitioner’s advertising.

Hypnosis can be a very effective tool in helping people to overcome a variety of psychological and emotional disturbances, and it frustrates me when it is seen as a trick or something on the fringe of being a legitimate modality.

I have a meeting with a representative of a major professional body today to try to get them to look at hypno-psychotherapy more favourably. I will be presenting the knowledge base, training standards and other documents which shows how hypno-psychotherapy should be treated as a therapeutic equal to any other modality.

I am determined that I will leave this profession in a much healthier state when I retire than what is was like when I came into it. The profession has been my life for so long, but I know that if the right foundations are laid now the profession has limitless potential into where it goes in the future.

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