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Another Teaching Weekend

Another Teaching Weekend

Well it is that time again, another weekend to help newbies on their path to becoming hypnotherapists and hypno-psychotherapists. I have taught many programmes in my career, but the foundation courses at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy are without a doubt my favourites to teach. To me this is the time to build on their enthusiasm and to get them excited about going out into the world to help people.

This current group has a huge amount of potential in it, I see many of these students, even at this early stage being the potential leaders in our field in the future. I say that because for a profession to remain fresh and relevant leaders must continually come up through the professional ranks and take their rightful places at its head.

I have been privileged to be such a leader for the better part of 20 years and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. However, as I near my 30th year in practice, I ask myself what my future is to be. I have already done most of what I set out to achieve. I am excited by my future as much as the future of these students as we all see where we go as individuals and as a profession.

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