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More Bad Hypnosis Advertising

More Bad Hypnosis Advertising

I was on Facebook today to yet again to be disappointed by unprofessional advertising of some of my professional colleagues. Talking about being an underground movement and not following the rules is great if you are joining a street gang, but not if you are offering professional services.

There is a penchant for some practitioners to try to make themselves out to be cool which is quite juvenile and totally unprofessional. If this profession to develop we cannot accept this nonsensical way of presenting how we provide our services.

Professional bodies must start regulating the profession properly or the state will come in and do it for us. For a long time we have had issues with practitioners who seem to have no regard for the standards set for good practice especially when it comes to marketing.

Professionals must be professional at all times and these practitioners make a mockery of our ability to present ourselves as genuine professionals not a bunch of hucksters. There needs to be a concerted effort within the profession to black ball these rouges as an example to the world that the hypnotherapy profession is a profession and not a bloody industry.

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