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University Students Not Handling Mental Health Well

University Students Not Handling Mental Health Well

It has been a long time since my university days and like many I am sure, I believed that as society has evolved on issues like mental health so it would be true for the youth.

It was my belief that it was my generation and the one before mine that still viewed mental health with hushed whispers and suspicion. Though we have made tremendous advances in how mental health is treated and viewed, it is clear that they youth of this country still see mental health as a mystery and something that can be overlooked.

In the Independent recently there was an article about how university students deal with their mental health. I have to say, as a psychotherapist, I am shocked how bad the situation still is for many young people.

Having no children of my own, I suppose it is easy for me to say that it is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children on the importance of good mental health and to not fear getting help when it is needed. Easy to say or not, we need to educate the young and old that there can be no good health without good mental health. If we take away the stigma associated with mental health, I believe we will have done the world a far greater service than anyone can possibly imagine.

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