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Flying Phobia is About Freedom

Flying Phobia is About Freedom

Some of the work that therapists do is definitely seasonal, we are now in the season for people who suffer with flight phobia and anxiety. This, of course, makes sense as this is the popular time when the populous get out and go to explore the world or simply sit on a sun lounge.

Generally speaking, people who suffer with a fear of flying are anxious about one of two things. The first, is the plane falling out of the sky and crashing. This is of course, and understandable fear, but a person is far more likely to win the lottery statistically than to be in a plane crash.

The other fear is the enclosed space and being unable to leave the plane. Again this is understandable, but this scenario is common in pretty much all forms of transportation at least to some extent. This claustrophobic often manifests itself in other areas of a person’s life not just when flying.

The real pity of flight phobia and anxiety is that it is an affront to a person’s individual freedom. We are privileged to live in a world that is reachable pretty much all the time and anywhere via flight. When a person has anxiety around this, they limit their freedom which has a detrimental impact on their life.

If you feel anxious about flying, get it sorted and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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