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Half of the UK Population in Pain

Half of the UK Population in Pain

According to the British Medical Journal, 28 million people across the UK are suffering with some sort of pain condition from arthritis to chronic back issues. This pain lasts over 3 months in a third to half of UK adults. This figure, when combined with the information that we have an ever more ageing population the implications are crystal clear. Pain management is one of the most important issues to be faced in the early part of the 21st century and that government and health professionals need to become far more proactive in this treatment.

For decades, research has shown that hypnosis, in the hands of a qualified, ethical practitioner, can be very effective in managing chronic pain. This is in addition to the assistance it can provide within dental surgery and even invasive surgical procedures. Hypnosis has also been proven to assist in the real pain that comes from IBS and other gastro-issues.

I hope that as this issue is looked at more closely, the medical establishment will begin to properly embrace the use of clinical hypnosis as a means of pain relief which has no side-effects and that is all natural. If you have issues relating to chronic pain, get in touch, and I will see what may be able to be done to help.

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