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As this blog is used for therapeutic information I will not use it as a platform for my views on the referendum results. I will say that since 0800 I have been receiving enquirees from people with severe anxiety issues.

Anxiety being one of my specialties it would not be unusual to be getting enquirers for this, but as these people began to explain what was going on with them, the common denominator is the result of the referendum.

When people feel insecure, anxiety can feed and grow. I believe that whatever the result of the referendum would have been there would be many people who are seriously questioning themselves. Who they are, how they identify themselves, real meaning of life questions.

When I have had clients in this situation, I take a page from mindfulness, in that we need to be in the present and in the now. Yes, things may get worse before they get better, but we need to have to be focused on the now, not tomorrow. Only if we focus on the here and now, can we possible be in a position to deal with whatever the future has to bring.

The campaign was rough, and personal, it is expected that people will feel beaten up either way it went. Give yourselves time, breathe and trust that ultimately, we have all the resources we need to be happy healthy and well.

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