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Fear and Hate a Toxic Combination

Fear and Hate a Toxic Combination

It is impossible for anyone of conscience to see what is happening in some parts of the UK and not be moved and disturbed. This is not a piece about what people should and should not have voted for, but rather the more philosophical issues regarding fear and hate.

The great philosopher Yoda has said “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” From  a psychotherapeutic perspective, this is an absolute truism. Fear and anxiety leads to all kinds of negative emotions in our clients, we see it every day.

What we are not in the habit of seeing is these manifestations being demonstrated publicly and in such a forceful way. I have had calls from old clients who are not native born Britons wanting to come in for additional work because they fear the sentiments being expressed in many of the towns and cities of Britain.

These people are experiencing the full gambit of the suffering bit that fear can lead to. It is my hope that things will settle down and the toxic environment which the referendum has left in its wake will dissipate. It is important to govern our emotions, and any emotion experience to excess has the potential to be damaging in so many ways.

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