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Is Hypnosis Real

Is Hypnosis Real

Having been a hypnotherapist since 1989, it never ceases to amaze me the number of enquirers and new clients who as this very question. I will always reply, “Yes, of course, hypnosis is real, however, what you might think hypnosis is may not be”.

Of all the psychotherapeutic modalities hypnosis is unique. I say unique, because if you ask the average man or woman in the street, what a psychotherapist is, they will often waver between a psychiatrist, psychologist and/or psychoanalyst. If you ask what a hypnotist or hypnotherapist is, they will often have a much better idea, however, that idea may well be a distorted view as to what they have seen on TV or in the movies.

Hypnosis, simply put is a focused state of attention in which, positive, behavioural, psychological and/or emotional changes can occur. It is necessary that the client fulfils his or her part of the therapy, but hypnosis can often expedite the therapeutic process through an interactional outcome between the client and the therapist.

There is probably more research into hypnosis than in any other psychotherapeutic modality (with the possible exception of CBT). Most of the evidence is favourable, and shows that not only that hypnosis is real, but quite efficacious when it comes to working with people and their problems.

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