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Can Hypnotherapy Treat Tinnitus

Can Hypnotherapy Treat Tinnitus

For millions of people the discomfort of tinnitus is all to real and regular. The symptoms of tinnitus are a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears which leads to considerable discomfort. It has been said that we all have these symptoms but the vast majority of people simply are unaware of them as we are busy and simply tune them out.

For people with persistent tinnitus, it is estimated that some 25% achieve some form of relief with the use of special hearing aids. This still leaves 75% which are still affected without relief.

Studies in the United States show that the use of hypnotherapy, specifically Ericksonian based hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping people to manage the symptoms of the tinnitus.

Indeed the National Institutes for Health and the US National Library of Medicine both consider the finding of the efficacy of hypnotherapy very promising for people who are not responding to other forms of treatment.

Hypnotherapy is not a cure per se, but rather it is a tool which can help the client manage the symptoms of the tinnitus in a far more healthy manner. This is done by teaching the clients to tune out the noise through techniques like self hypnosis and visualisation.

Hypnotherapy research is being conducted all over the world in order to see how this method can help with all forms of psychological and medical issues.

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