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Courses for Therapists Online A Blessing or Curse

Courses for Therapists Online A Blessing or Curse

I was reading an article the other day which talked about how a particular training organisation was selling thousands of courses throughout the world and that you could become an accredited hypnotherapist or psychotherapist or counsellor totally online for around £150 per course.

I should say that in addition to my qualifications in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling. I hold a Masters Degree in Education Studies and a CertEd in post compulsory education teaching. These qualifications were all based in part on the teaching these subjects so when I say that to do basic training on line to work with real clients I know what I am talking about.

Organisations which teach a multitude of subject from book-keeping to mindfulness to therapy cannot be in the best position to know what expertise is needed in order to be a competent and ethical practitioner. These “schools” are not new, but they are more pervasive these days. Considering my recent articles about how we need to do better as a profession the problem with these “Mail Order” qualifications becomes more evident.

I will say that online learning has a part to play in practitioner training. Indeed, there are some subjects like research methods or psychopathology which does not require a practical clinical element to them. These types of courses are very well suited to the continuing education of practitioners, not their primary clinical qualification however.

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