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Another Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Weekend

Another Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Weekend

Well it is that time again for me to do one of my party pieces which is to teach a group about Milton Erickson and his approach to hypnotherapy. The interesting thing about this group is that this is a group of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists learning to use hypnosis within their own clinical practice.

I have taught groups like this before and I have to say that th insight they bring to th Ericksonian Model always gives me ideas for both my future teaching of the subject as well as my integration of the approach into my own clinical work. Erickson was, first foremost and primarily a pioneer of integrative psychotherapy. That is to say that he did not rely on one school of Psychotherapeutic thought I his work. But rather, he took the view that models of therapy should be tailored therapist to the client rather than visa versa.

This point is more important, in my view, than any of the techniques and approaches which are oft n attributed to Erickson. Indeed, more hypnotherapists as well as counsellors and psychotherapists could learn from his approach to be wonderfully fluid in their approach to client work in order to get the best results for their clients.

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