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Academic Qualification Disclosure For Therapists

Academic Qualification Disclosure For Therapists

For regular readers of my musings today’s topic may sound very close to my previous piece emploring that practitioners disclose the source of their professional qualifications. I would like to extend this plea to disclosure of the academic qualifications that they choose to use professionally.

I say this not to nag, but for many clients the academic qualifications a practitioner holds is a determining factor in the choice they make to help them. Most if not all ethical practitioners will say what and where their academic qualifications come from. However, I am noticing more and more practitioners with weaker clinical qualifications are claiming superior academic ones.

The problem is they are not saying where these academic qualifications come from. Surely it is not to much to ask that practitioners who choose to use their academic credentials to cite where they came from. Indeed with the proliferation of bogus online degrees which you pay a fee and get your piece of paper, it could only be considered good practice to disclose as to not mislead potential clients. In any event, I just hope that the time will come when people like me can stop going on about full disclosure and carry on doing good therapeutic work.

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