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Another Sad Day For Hypnotherapy

Another Sad Day For Hypnotherapy

Today I am referring to the case of Michael Walsh who is currently on trial in Scotland for sexual assault whilst using hypnotherapy. Now it would not be appropriate for me to comment on the case as it is still underway. However, I do believe that it is appropriate for me to discuss the fact that this is happening far too often.

Most hypnotherapists before training do not really undergo any real vetting process this is the failing of the majority of hypnotherapy training schools. However, it is also the failure of organisations which accredit the schools and put themselves out at professional bodies representing hypnotherapists. If professional bodies are to take their responsibilities to the public and profession seriously, they must impose strict regulations on those who train in their name.

There should be a proper accreditation process which includes site visits and documentary due diligence and even determining whether the trainers are fit to train. However, with the exception of organisations like the UK Council for Psychotherapy, no other professional body involved with hypnotherapy do any of this and for this the profession as a whole should be ashamed of itself. This is an easy fix, if anyone in a position of leadership is willing to undertake it.

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