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Feedback From Yesterday’s Post

Feedback From Yesterday’s Post

Well it would appear that yesterday’s post seems to have struck a chord with some members of the profession. Some from professional associations and some just ordinary rank and file professionals who like me see that there is a real issue in the profession that needs to be addressed. Sadly, however, there was no comments from anyone representing the two largest hypnotherapy associations in the UK.

It occurs to me that perhaps I went about addressing this concern to the wrong group. Professional bodies don’t generally like being told what to do and where they are failing (I should know I have been Chair of one of the largest hypnotherapy bodies in the UK and on the Board of the Largest in the world in my past). If change is to happen, it needs to be at a grassroots level. Professional hypnotherapists need to say enough is enough and be willing to vote with their feet if needed.

I know that I may be sounding like one of those people who are complaining for the sake of it. But I have a lot of my life invested in hypnotherapy and I genuinely believe that we as a profession can do better than we are. It is truly my hope that my criticisms are seen as constructive and that there are ways for the profession to move forward in harmony.

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