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Revisit The Good This Holiday Season

Revisit The Good This Holiday Season

All too often the holidays are overrun with commercialism and false sentiment. It is not good for our collective mental health. So as I was organising myself today, I happened upon “The Muppets Movie”. Now, when I was a child the Muppet Show was a very important and happy time for me. So, I thought, why not I’ll keeps it on while I do other things which are quite important.

Well, surprise, surprise, the important things did not get done. Instead, I say and watched the film and none of the important things got done. Frankly, I realised that the really important thing was to re-connect with some very good memories from the past, as a boy watching the Muppet Show and enjoying it to the exclusion of everything else.

I feel lighter for doing so, and I feel far less under pressure for it. So perhaps we should all give some thought to whilst being in the present, to spend a little time looking back fondly at the past. This can be a very special time of year, let it be just that. Gifts, possessions, food, are all nice, but nothing beats singing along to Mahna Mahna, just because. It may not be therapy, but I assure you it is great for your mental health.

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