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Emotional House Cleaning

Emotional House Cleaning

This is a difficult time of year for many people. Alcohol and imposed closeness with family can cause emotions to run high. For many this is the time of year when these feelings are let out for some fresh air. It is not good for our emotional or psychological health to bottle up feelings. Expression is the only real solution.

However, we are often taught not to do this, indeed the British take particular pride in their stiff upper lip and keeping calm and carrying on. Whilst I can understand some of the merits of these ideas, they can lead to difficulties. Alcohol abuse is one such issue which often has a direct correlation to a person’s deep emotional state of being.

Perhaps we should consider in the run up to the New Year being more emotionally honest with others. More importantly to be emotionally honest with ourselves. Let people know how you feel for good or bad. Even if it’s bad, there is a chance that this emotional honesty can lead to positive change. This is a time for enjoyment, of course, but let’s make the enjoyment last longer by taking emotional care of ourselves and being true to who and what we are.

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