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Boxing Day 2018

Boxing Day 2018

Today is Boxing Day, a day that has become synonymous with sales and shopping. It can be a day of chaos and yet another opportunity to spend more money than is available, to purchase that one indispensable item, which in a few days you will find to be no big deal. This is an unfortunate manifestation of consumerism, but it was not supposed to be like this.

Boxing Day was traditionally a day when tradesmen and servants received boxes of gifts, food and even money as a reward for a year’s good and faithful service. In the case of servants, this was their Christmas in that they were given time off to go and visit their friends and family and celebrate the season.

I am a capitalist, I believe it is the best system of econimics available, however can we not afford two days a year to just be with those we love and to recharge our batteries and leave our wallets at home? This is not some cry for nostalgia, but a plea for our mental health. Too much of this overstimulation is not good for our collective mental health. Let’s make Boxing Day shopping free and just enjoy the time off.

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