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Hypnotherapy on Loose Women

Hypnotherapy on Loose Women

In a recent episode of the ITV programme Loose Women Caroline Flack discussed her challenges with anxiety and how she turned to hypnotherapy to assist her in overcoming the anxiety she felt before taking up her role in Chicago. She, like many actors, have more difficulties with anxiety when they are not working than when they are.

This was a good bit of publicity for hypnotherapy. Indeed, anxiety is one of the most common things I work with as a practitioner. The deep state of relaxation that often accompanies hypnotherapy can be therapeutic in its own right. I am not saying that this is all the a person needs, but it is a benefit that hypnotherapy has more than one line of intervention.

Hypnotherapy is not a magical solution to anxiety. Indeed, as with all types of therapy, a client will have to put in the effort to make the changes they want to make. Hypnotherapy when administered properly, can aid and even expedite psychotherapy. This is certainly true when working with anxiety. It is important to remember that anxiety is needed for good heath and safety. However, unnecessary anxiety is just that unnecessary and hypnotherapy can assist with this to gain freedom from unnecessary anxiety.

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