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The Wounds You Cannot See

The Wounds You Cannot See

On this Christmas Eve, I would like to focus on a very important issue for me and most of my colleagues. Today I would like to ask that in addition to your celebrations you give thought to the people around you who may seem absolutely fine, yet are not. One of the most insidious things about mental distress is that it so often invisible to the people around the sufferer.

People who struggle try to put a brave face on it. They get on with their lives, but in a less than happy way. When the cracks do show, these are often pushed away as having had a bad day, rather than facing the truth. Mental health problems are often the wounds you cannot see.

For years this stigmatised sufferers, because if you cannot see it, how can it be real. Or that old standby, it is all in your mind. Well guess what? Everything is in your mind, pain is in the mind. After all, the mind tells you what you feel. The mind controls it all, so yes mental health is in the mind, but remember everything is. Please spare a thought for all those suffering with the wounds that you cannot see, they deserve a Happy Christmas too.

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