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Drinking and Hypnotherapy

Drinking and Hypnotherapy

As we head into News Year’s Eve, thoughts turn to drinking and partying. This is a time that should be enjoyed, but for many there are challenges when it comes to drink. Alcohol is something that should be enjoyed in moderation. The last word of that sentence is the most important bit, moderation,

It is not uncommon that we have all occasionally over indulged, that is not necessarily a bad thing from time to time. Unfortunately, all too often people over indulge with alcohol on a far more regular ocurrznce than it should be.

Hypnotherapy is a very useful way to help people gain far more control over their alcohol consumption. This is not about abstaining from alcohol. Evidence shows that abstinence does not offer a long term solution, indeed when you abstain from anything, you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about and avoiding the thing they try to abstain from.

Discipline and self control are attributes that sadly have lost their shine over the years. In our, “I want it now” culture, we tend to ignore the need for these attributes. I have found that hypnotherapy as part of a Psychotherapeutic intervention can help build up self discipline and control. So, why not consider hypnotherapy when the New Year’s Eve festivities.

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