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Hypnotherapy and Fear of Change

Hypnotherapy and Fear of Change

Following on from yesterday’s effort, one must not forget that though this is the season of resolutions and change, for many this represents a grave fear for them. Change, like death and taxes, is one of life’s inevitablies. Just because this is so, it does not mean that people enjoy change. Change represents a potential move from order to chaos, for stability to instability.

Of course, this is all true, however, this is usually temporary. Indeed, for any change to happen there needs to be a period of instability if only to get used to the change in the first place. As well as this change does not happen in a vacuum. A change in one part of a person’s life will have implications on other areas. Change also does not merely effect the changer, it effects all those around him or her. Sometimes this is good, sometimes less so.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to assist a person, not only with the change itself. But also with the anxiety and after effects of the change. As therapists, we must take a global view of our work and realise that the work seldom ends with change, but rather it ends with integration.

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