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Can Hypnotherapy Help Emetophobia

Can Hypnotherapy Help Emetophobia

One of the most common phobias people suffer with is a pathological fear of being sick or being around people who are sick. Now obviously, no one actually enjoys being sick. Vomiting is counter intuitive it is something that we generally want to avoid. The act, the sound, even the potential smell is something that disgusts most, if not all of us.

However, emetophobia sufferers are not simply disgusted by this, they avoid situations where this may possibly occur. This does not have to be about them avoiding these unpleasant symptoms, but these sufferers will avoid situations where they may be exposed to other people being ill or vomiting. This can be in a hospital setting, or in public in general or even when flying. Whilst it is relatively rare to vomit or be sick, emetophobia sufferers will design their lives around it. The obvious limitations are clear to them and to those who observe it.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way in working with this. As hypnotherapy can access the cause of the problem it is possible that this can be unearthed and resolved using hypnotic regression. Alternatively, hypnosis can be used as a means of delivering psycho-education which can help the sufferer rationalise it him or herself in order to be free of this debilitating fear once and for all.


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