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Needle Phobia and Hypnosis

Needle Phobia and Hypnosis

One of the more common phobia I work with is fear of needles which can manifest itself for many reasons and can be caused or triggered by many things. Examples of this would be a fear of something put into the body, a fear of something being taken out of the body or just simply a fear of blood or the pain of the injection.

Now I suppose that no one really likes injections, but these are an absolute necessity for good health and wellbeing. There are a number of hypnotic approaches that can be utilised to desensitise a client to this anxiety. I say desensitise because, obviously, one does not expect a person to walk away from this kind of therapy with a love of injections, but rather to nothing them. It is a myth that one needs to enjoy whatever issue they are trying to get past. In truth one of best results I believe is that a person can treat their former issue with complete indifference or to “nothing it”. Having no emotional investment in what used to cause great discomfort is a much more healthy state rather than trying to force positive feelings for something that simply needs to be done. This is manageable and congruent.

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