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Can Hypnotherapy Mend a Broken Heart

Can Hypnotherapy Mend a Broken Heart

I was reading one of those stories about a “celebrity” turning to possibly turning to hypnotherapy in order to help her get over a nasty break up. Whilst the story was full of the same nonsense about using social media to get their own on each other, I thought it might be helpful to look at the actual question of hypnotherapy and relationships.

Obviously, mending a broken heart is metaphoric, hypnotherapy cannot “fix” something per se. However, hypnotherapy, when in the hands of a skilled practitioner can help a person to be able to rationalise their own situation and find a way to come to peace with the situation.

Relationship breakdowns are difficult, and when going through one, a person is emotionally flooded and is often looking for a way to make all the pain go away. In truth, the pain shows how much the other person meant to them. Whilst in this moment it may seem that this is undeserved of the object of the affection, I like to use hypnosis to show the sufferer that whilst this is painful now, it does mean that they have the capacity for real deep love and that should not be lost. Rather it should be given to someone who will appreciate it more.

Imagery, regression and pseudo orientation approaches with hypnosis can help to rationalise the breakdown of a relationship and help the person be ready to love again.

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